That's us.  The Reel family at Terra Dei Farm.  And that's Terra Dei Farm.  Us. 


If you email us?  The reply will come from the people pictured above (most likely one of the adults...)  If you come visit our farm?  Your tour will be led by the people pictured above (most likely everyone, with the assistance of a dog or two.)  If you order something from our aromatherapy shop?  Your order will be custom made, by hand, when it is received by the lady above.  With her own two hands and heart; then tied up with a bow and sent to you.  If you purchase livestock from Terra Dei Farm?  You will receive an animal who has been known and cared for on an individual basis, by us.


"Terra Dei" is Latin for "Land of God" and we truly believe that is what we are entrusted with.  We strive to personally share the indescribable joy and spirit of the American family farm and small business with you.  And our website building, branding and marketing department?  That's us too. 


Our acres bring beauty, peace and joy to our lives and we hope that they can do the same for yours.  And, that's just us; striving to make our own yogurt and way in the world.



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